About Keyla Cook

I describe myself as a Brazilian making food since that is what I do. All my culinary training comes from cooking for and with my family since I was little. My cooking became a big part of me and my life when I moved abroad in 2006. Back then, I saw food as just food, no labels; it was the food that I grew up eating and I missed dearly. Cooking abroad allowed me to keep my culture alive and share with others, specially my son, who learned how to be Brazilian abroad. I describe my journey into cooking abroad as a daily experiment, since learning how to say the name of an ingredient in English, then trying to find it in a local store or not finding it at all and learning how to find a replacement became part of my life for the last 11 years and I’m sure it will be for many years to come. So… the blog… Food to me cannot be isolated to just food, there are cultural, societal, emotional, geographic, economical and many other influences that affect the way we cook and eat. What can you expect? A variety of posts with tips, recipes, food memories, etc. etc. Thanks for joining me in this new journey. Bom apetite!